Two-Year Investigation Causes Super Bowl Party Raid

It’s really a Definite time that is maybe next Christie on online Gambling for brand New Jersey

Saying ‘now is the full time for our state to go forward, again in the lead for the country, by becoming one of the very first states to allow online gaming,’ New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ironically yet again this week vetoed his state’s draft that is latest of an online gambling statute. Citing concerns over gambling tax income rates being set too low, as well as over transparency dilemmas for companies seeking on the web gambling licensure, Christie nevertheless revealed a glimmer of hope for passage of revised variations of the bill to come, possibly as early as March.

Both State Sen. Raymond Lesniak and State Assemblyman John Amodeo were encouraged by Christie’s wording in vetoing the bill, noting that ‘the governor’s concerns can easily be addressed’ with a newly worded measure.

At stake are millions of dollars in potential income, particularly key in a state whose brick-and-mortar casinos took a heavy hit last 12 months, at least in part as a result of the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. Also impacting brand New Jersey’s ailing land casino marketplace is competition that is hard-hitting gambling-friendly neighboring states like Pennsylvania and nyc. Revenues happen dropping steadily since 2006, and hit a low of just over $3 billion a year ago from a 2006 total of $5.2 billion.

Perhaps smelling blood from the veto action, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval quickly pressed his state’s Continue reading