The feminine sterilisation – Your contraception guide

The feminine sterilisation – Your contraception guide

Prior to the operation

Your GP may recommend counselling before referring you for sterilisation.

Counselling will offer you the opportunity to speak about the procedure in more detail and talk about any doubts, concerns or concerns you may have.

With them before you decide if you have a partner, discuss it. When possible, you should both accept the task, but it is perhaps not really a requirement that is legal get the partner’s authorization.

Your GP can will not carry out of the procedure or will not refer you because of it should they usually do not believe it is in your very best passions.

In the event that GP will abide by your final decision, they are going to refer one to a female specialist that is reproductivegynaecologist) for therapy at your nearest NHS medical center.

You will need to make use of contraception before the time of this operation and right until your period that is next after if you are having your fallopian tubes obstructed.

Sterilisation can be carried out at any phase in your menstrual period.

Just before have actually the procedure, you will be provided a pregnancy test to ensure that you’re maybe not expecting because, after you have been sterilised, there is a top danger that any maternity can be ectopic.

Recovering following the procedure

You will be allowed house once you’ve restored from the anaesthetic, gone to the restroom and consumed.

You up if you leave hospital within hours of the operation, take a taxi or ask a relative or friend to pick.Continue reading